I Love My BRAIN, Do You?

Humans, the most Intellectual beings and as all know Human is a “Social Animal” and more Socially evolved Animal, on the planet Earth (as far as i know :-)  ). As a human being one should know the why the human species is called so.

There are many parts in our body and so do the other animals. Exteriors like Eyes, Nose, two Ears, a Mouth, Hands & Legs with Fingers (irrespective of the number), Hair, Nails and Internally Stomach,  Heart, Lungs, Tongue, Bones, Penis & Vagina (for Reproduction), Intestines and many others, are some of the common parts that humans and other Animals possess. This basically gives an idea that we and other animals are not that different.  Also the gender variations can be seen in both humans and other animals. Humans are also included in the Mammals table with many other animals.

Even though there are so many similarities to show, the Humans are more evolved than other animal species, there is one significant part of the body that makes this difference possible, OUR BRAIN. It is our ability to THINK in a more prominent manner that makes our life what is now that surrounds us (both GOOD and BAD). Just look around you, everything you see are the creations of someone else’s innovative ideas which are  generated from their MINDS. Our mind makes it possible for us to Speak, See, Hear, Feel the Touch, Generates Emotional Fluid Secretions and many more fluids too. It acts like a Leader of big Organization, sending instructions to others in the Organization. It is quite evident that being in Coma is as good as dead because the Brain is not working, literally, and people like Superman Movie starrer Mr. Christopher Reeve and the well known author of many books on Time and Theoretical Physicist, Mr. Stephen Hawking are a few examples to say that man can live with only a working mind.

Just think of all the good memories in your life. Just think of one now. If you are able to remember it and get a smile on your face, it is because of your brain. If you are very good at your job and you say with others that you are good at it, the Brain is what makes you good. It is not only commenting on yourselves, but sending regards to your brain too.

Whenever we want to remember anything from the past and we start to think more rapidly, our mind searches the data, even from the deepest parts of the brain, from old memories to the new ones, and most of the time gives you back the result of the search. It is like a super fast computer. Even the idea for a computer came from the brilliance of the Mind.

It makes you what you are in every aspect of life. When anyone talk about themselves one has to remember that they are not alone. They are always backed up by their Mind. It is like a care taker for you and your other body parts.

In our leisure time we enjoy a lot of Entertainment Feeds through Movies, Songs, Sports and many more. The reason we enjoy all the entertainment provided to us is solely because of the Brain. We are able to memorize those good moments and get interested in getting entertained again. This is also possible only because of the Brain. It even leaves the bad memories away if you train it and take care of it in a good way.

For people who met an unfortunate tragedy event in their lives, there is a saying that “Everything becomes better as the TIME passes on”, this is because our mind starts to come out of the gloom when we start giving the mind other feedbacks to process rather than keeping it stuck with unnecessary data.

As one can realize Brain plays an important role in human’s life. But let us take one second and think about “What we are doing in return?”. We breath air, we eat Food and some of us even do Exercises to keep our body in a healthy state. Is that enough for the Brain? NO. But it doesn’t complain much. That doesn’t mean it is not suffering. It suffers as much as it can and just gives up on you after a while.

The reason I am able to write this article and as a reader for you to read it is because of our Brain. It would just be an act vigilance and circumspection on our part to take care of our Brain. Help your Brain to help you back.

In spite of the good days and bad days in my life, I love my Brain and take care of it. Do you?


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